From An Alum: Colin Beamer

Colin Beamer.

I received my bachelor’s degree in political science at NC State in 2017. I am currently the program coordinator of Leadership and Civic Engagement at NC State and enjoy working directly with students. The most challenging part of my position is balancing my administrative tasks with the support I provide to student programs. 

Being a political scientist has informed my ability to design and execute meaningful programs, connecting students with leadership and civic engagement opportunities within and outside of the university community. Political science reframes one’s regular thought processes to become more analytical, to search for connections between ideas and concepts and to think critically about the implications of decisions.

I had a number of amazing professors who provided not only excellent curricula, but opportunities like internships, research and advising. These connections with faculty were my favorite part of being a student in the School of Public and International Affairs.

I completed two internships while enrolled as a student. The first was with a political nonprofit in North Raleigh and the second was with the Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation. I also had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by the Institute for Emerging Issues as a guest student speaker and helped campaign for Wake County commissioners during the 2014 midterm elections.

Both current and future students should make a mentorship connection with a faculty or staff member at NC State. Whether this person is in your college, serves as your student organization advisor, or is a trusted staff member in one of NC State’s many departments, find someone you trust and who supports your goals and vision as a student. Having just one mentor on campus can vastly change the outcomes of student success, and in the future, a mentor can be an excellent source of recommendation and reference for professional opportunities. More often than not, faculty and staff at the university are thrilled to serve as mentors and advisors to students. All you need to do is ask!

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