Meet MIS Alumni Elmas Hasanovic (2018)

Originally From: North Macedonia
Current Residence: North Macedonia 
Undergraduate Major: Criminology
Languages: English, Macedonian, Bosnian
Countries Traveled: United States, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Turkey

What attracted you to NC State’s MIS program?

When I saw the curriculum of NC State University, as well as the possibility to attend classes at other universities, it attracted my attention to apply to the program at NC State. 

What was your concentration and why did you focus on that topic?

My concentration was security studies, with a focus on European energy security and the integration of the Western Balkan countries to EU and NATO. My minor was nuclear nonproliferation policy and analysis because it matched my interests for disarmament and energy security. 

What was your favorite MIS class?

My top three classes were PS 598 Illicit: The Politics of Black Markets, PS 532 Global Governance and PS 498 United Nations Peacekeeping. 

What is your current job and what are your primary responsibilities?

My current position is Program Coordinator of the Info center on Euro-Atlantic integration. I am responsible for drafting annual plans, monitoring and tracking the implementation process of the project, overseeing the budget, measuring the performance of the overall project, conducting research and evaluation, producing educational videos about the benefits for our country with the NATO membership, establishing cooperation with other organizations and public workshops. I can tell that we are reaching our goal – the perception among people about NATO has changed to positive drastically.  

What role did MIS play in getting your job?

The whole graduate program helped to boost my academic knowledge and research skills to a higher level, which made me the best candidate for this job. 

What educational and professional experience should someone interested in your position obtain?

It requires having strong research and analytical skills, as well as solid foundation of knowledge about the process in the field that they work. Mostly, having practical experience in the field would be an asset. 

What advice would you give to current MIS students?

Be persistent and study hard. MIS students should use all available resources that NC State offers, to boost their knowledge, research and analytical skills. There are extremely good professors in the MIS program, which are professionals in their fields and I highly recommend MIS students to work closely with them and listen to their suggestions and advice. 

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