MIS Fulbright Student – Sara Snoussi

MIS Welcomes Fulbright Student from Tunisia

The Master of International Studies (MIS) has welcomed several Fulbright sponsored students over the last few years from Algeria, Argentina, Kenya, North Macedonia, Niger, Paraguay and Russia.  This year we are happy to have Sara Snoussi join us from Tunisia. 

The US government in partnership with 160 countries sponsors Fulbright participants.  They are accomplished students who are expected to excel academically while representing their country through active engagement with local communities and the classroom environment. 

Sara is one of the nine participants selected from her country.  She is passionate about entrepreneurship and exploring the way people could use policy for innovation in Africa. She previously worked as a managing team member of a pre-incubation program for students in Tunisia. For her undergraduate degree, she majored in Business Management with a focus on marketing. 

“NC State has a reputation to boost student innovation and entrepreneurship, and North Carolina is a rising entrepreneurship state. The International Studies program is also extremely interesting and diverse, responding perfectly to my academic and professional aspirations.” 

After graduation, Sara hopes to work in the entrepreneurship policy area for organizations interested in African countries. 


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