Public Administration Faculty Spotlight, Dr. Jason Coupet

Jason’s research specializes in organizational economics and efficiency in the public and nonprofit sector. His recent publications in Nonprofit Management & Leadership and Applied Economics have refined the tools used to measure efficiency in the public and nonprofit sector.

Jason currently works with public agencies in the transportation, human services, and technology policy sectors to learn more about how agencies balance being efficient at multiple goals, as well as how collaborations between public and nonprofit organizations can help bureaucracy have a positive impact on the efficiency of public service delivery.

“I love working with public agencies and nonprofit organizations on research, and helping spread the word that being efficient isn’t about cutting costs, but having the greatest social impact with the resources we have!”

Jason is a native Chicagoan and loves running, weightlifting, hamburgers and craft beer. To learn more about his recent work, you can read Jason’s recent articles in The Conversation and Wall Street Journal, or check out his publications via Google Scholar.

If you work for or with an agency that could use a hand thinking about efficiency and productivity, please feel free to contact Jason at!


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