Public Administration Graduate Secretary Mac McGee Retires After 17 Years

Jerrell Coggburn and Mac McGee at Mac's Retirement Party

During a networking event on February 9th at H-Street Kitchen, the School of Public and International Affairs took special time out to recognize and celebrate Mac McGee, who retired as graduate secretary from the public administration department. Faculty, alumni, and students attended the event to thank Mac for his service to NC State. 

Below is a piece written by former professor Dr. Charlie Coe: 

Mac McGee retired January 31st after 17 years of unstinting service to the Public Administration Department. Mac has been unfailingly kind, courteous and helpful to faculty, staff, and especially students. Calm and cool under pressure, Mac has handled any and all situations with aplomb. Being a renaissance man, we have no doubt that Mac will enjoy retirement to the fullest. In former lives, Mac served in the U.S. Marines Corps and an adjunct professor of English and Cinema. He is an avid reader, political activist, moviegoer, and bike rider. And, as all who’ve met him know, he is, foremost, a Boston Red Sox fanatic (who is no doubt itching for opening day in just a few weeks!).

We appreciate so much his service and wish him the very best. Thanks Mac!

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